I probably deserve to fail

Well folks, it's here again. That time of year that makes college students world-wide cram, cry, and forego sleep.

The institution likes to call it finals, but I think something along the lines of "disregard of the eighth amendment" would be more appropriate. 

As is only natural, I have spent my reading days doing anything but that. Instead I have applied henna, gone grocery shopping, planned meals, seen movies, experimented with my hair, rearranged the furniture, taken abnormally long showers, and stared at my closed textbooks while feeling slightly guilty. 

But only slightly. There will be more time to study... right?

Basically, my life can be summed up by this:

Juggling? Rubik's cube? Hula-hooping? If you have any good time-wasting activities feel free to share them with me at this time.  

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