Lately I have been noticing a Pinterest trend. People are going a little pin-happy with bucket list images. Exhibit A:

I'll be honest, it really bugs me. I think it's because they are so ambitious/legit. Like, yeah it would be awesome to learn how to draw or work for a magazine, but what are you doing to work towards that goal? Have you checked to see if there are glass blowing classes in your town? Are you booking a trip to a remote island where you can select the sand that you'll turn into glass? Living in your dream house is a great idea. How you gonna pay for it? That dream house is looking pretty pricy to me.

I know what you're thinking. Sade, get over it. It's Pinterest, a place for people to put images that inspire them, not their journal/commitment planner. Sit back, relax, and let people make their bucket lists in peace.

But I cannot, and I think it's because I am such a horrible goal setter myself. Every once in a while I'll scribble something vague when a Relief Society teacher prompts me. "Goals for 2012: Eat... food. Find nail polish that doesn't chip..."

And it turns out I've always been this way. They other day I was at home looking through my folder, the place where all my awards, dance pictures, and kindergarten poems are kept. I came across an All About Me book written in the 3rd grade. The whole thing was filled out in detail. Food I can cook: mac and cheese. Favorite color: purple. The only section left blank was the "Goals" section. Empty. Nada. Nil.

That being said, it is only natural that I got a little anxious when Jennie started a conversation like this: "So we should make a goal that from now to February 1st we should..."

She paused for a moment here, just long enough for my panic to peak. A goal? That we should set? I braced myself for the worst. Study 30 minutes a day? Have Sunday dinner as roommates? Never think anything negative about ourselves?

But, mercifully, the next words to come out of her mouth were "never not have chocolate on hand."

... What?

You want to set a goal to always have chocolate on hand?

My friends, if you ever paused to wonder what made Jennie such a good friend, you need look no further.


  1. hahahahhahahahahahaha this made my life :) that was SUCH a beautiful moment. it deserves a moment of silence.

    *moment of silence*


  2. :O I was just thinking yesterday how annoying the bucket list things are. Rawr.

  3. Also, you and Jennie may always help yourselves to the 2 pound thing of Stephen's I have in the cupboard.

  4. Good thing my bucket list is private =)