Fullness of Times

Happiness just appeared on my kitchen table in the form of a magazine:

Please take note of the line "no more mama drama!"
sorry my finger is the creepiest thing ever. Try to look past that and embrace the awesomeness of this sentence.
My favorite page is, naturally, the one that had lady gaga photoshopped into modest clothing. 

Next favorite is the style quiz. Here is my favorite question:

You're on your way to a dance with the cutest boy ever. When he asks you in to meet his parents, you...
a. Take the Kleenex out of your bra and hastily attempt to fashion a shawl out of it.
b. Pull the off-the-shoulder sleeves onto your shoulders. Hunch in!
c. Graciously meet them and mention how much you want to do an internship in the Belgian embassy.

Naturally, because modesty and brains/ambition go together. 

...but in all seriousness I think they had a good idea here. With fashion magazines portraying the "ideal woman" and throwing her flawless photoshopped body in our faces all the time, it's nice to see something a little more realistic. 

That being said, remember who you are, return with honor, all that good stuff :)


  1. My mom mailed it to me, with a note saying "Thought you and your roommates would get a kick out of this." I think Mitchell cried when he saw the page that said something about a smile being the prettiest make up a girl can wear..

  2. I couldn't help but laugh at Lady Gaga being photoshopped in. But the real question is, which answer did you pick to the question you listed? :P