Ok guys, this is going to be what we call a lesson in patience. You have to listen past the first line or two.

I have a pretty good relationship with the radio. True, those periods of straight commercial can be a bit irksome, but I'm willing to look past it. I love the release new songs, and that moment of euphoria when you hear the first notes of a new favorite.

But last night the radio was playing some sort of game called "hate on Sadie." It was playing the worst selection of music known to man. Seriously. It was radio equivilant of a bad date. It went on and on and just wouldn't stop. Where was the quality? Where was the entertainment?

It's at times like these that I find myself turning to the country stations.

You see, I am a country fan, but not a huge one. There are other things I'd rather listen to, but when nothing else is on I find myself surfing the country dials.

Last night was no different. I flipped on over to K Bull 93 and, after hearing the first line of this song, was just as quick to turn away. However, after I had revisited all of my presets and realized that there really was nothing on, I went back.

And I am happy I did. Turns out I love this song and have listened to it like 47 and a half times today. If that is love than I don't know what is.*

Maybe you will love it to?

*False, I totally know what is. Bronwyn cleaned mine and Jennie's room last night. Love. Pure love. And then she scratched my back as I fell asleep. Um, ok, most selfless person ever.


  1. As far as country songs go, it's one of the better ones :-)

  2. It is definitely a good song, for a country song that is. :)

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for doing what you do - blogwise and the words you say. They have started a spark that has been out for far too long.