We are sports people

Just in case you were wondering, it is FREEZING outside. 

And I am sick. I feel like dying a runny nose death. Clinging to my orange juice in an attempt to soothe my screaming throat, swallowing to make my hearing come back, sneezing til those nearest me are fearful for their health. And rightfully so.

I have really done nothing but sleep and desire for sleep. It's been very conducive to the busy test schedule I have this week...  

But I wasn't about to let my sickness get in the way of sports!

If you know me at all, you know that this is not a sentence I would ever utter. Ever. but...

Bronwyn and I went to a soccer game tonight!

That is Spencer out there working the field.
We are so supportive and freezing. But mostly freezing.
We didn't really know  enough about soccer to supportive to our full potential. 
And, yeah. That is actually all that I am going to say. Sorry bout it.

Oh and you can buy me this hat if you want:
Such great picture quality, right? That's what we call a blackberry camera, so go with it. 


  1. Yuck! I HATE being that sick! If I were there I would make you some warm chicken soup and bread and bring it your apartment!

  2. sooo.. I actually think that picture of you in the panda hat is one of the cutest pictures of you I've ever seen! also, my word verification is "flessise." we need to make up an awesome definition.. STAT.