This Halloween Season

I finally saw the Sixth Sense. 

Shayne bought me carmel apple suckers.

I attempted baking funfetti cookies.

Spencer got towed. That is not cheap.

I successfully avoided yet another dance.

We ate donuts off of a string.

We watched the Willy Wonka movies  back to back.

I carved a cat pumpkin. I love every kind of cat. *snif*

I wore lipstick for the first time in my life. 

Sorry I'm thinking about cats again.

We did a corn maze.

And, well, we did a lot of other awesome things.

So here are some pictures to show that Halloween happened. I apologize for the lame-sauce-ness of these photos. If I still had photoshop or iLife I would fix it. I hate my hard drive for crashing.

Just Lost, It's Fine.
Victory. Except for that we were like 10 minutes behind the others.
Got Our Disney Princesses Covered
I Just Really Like My Calculator 
Our Resident Red Head 
So Fancy! 
Oh Hi There!
She's wearing fuchsia tights. That's fancy for purple.
Why Did The Hipster Burn Her Mouth?
She Ate Her Food Before It Was Cool.
Just Another Member Of The Red Head Club

And in closing, I'd just like to say that my dad looks like Babe Ruth.

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