I wouldn't say our apartment has a problem with ants, but rather, with one singular ant.

For whatever reason, we only see one at a time. On a keyboard, in the sink, in your wallet. So after a while we decided to give a name, Larry, to the ants in our apartment. This helps us feel as though we don't actually have ants, but simply one ant who shows his head every once in a while. 

On occasion, however, we will find one big Larry reunion. It is a little terrifying, but it always turns our alright as we have the bug killer close on hand. We go at it, leaving nothing but Larry corpses in our wake. 

But there have been times, like the infamous bagel moment, when we have not been as lucky as to spot the little guys.  

I came home from school one day and was met with my roommate Allison's guilty face. She was holding my newly purchased lemonade bottle which was now empty. She apologized profusely and assured me that she would buy more, and then continued to explain what had happened. 

After a long day she came home to enjoy one of her sesame seed bagels. She was just about done with it when she noticed that some of the seeds appeared to be moving. Upon closer inspection she realized that about half of her "seeds" were actually ants. Naturally, she was disgusted, and went into survival mode. She had to kill those creepy crawly ants inside her stomach, and my lemonade seemed to be the only thing suitable.

Needless to say, I completely forgave her for finishing off the bottle. But I must admit that I had a bit of judgment toward the situation. How did she not notice the movement on her food? Didn't she feel one of the ants crawl onto her hand?

I have remembered this story each time I am closing my food. Close it all the way, or Larry will find his way in. 

Unfortunately, I overlooked my almonds. 

As I was running a bit late this morning I didn't have time for breakfast, so I grabbed a ziplock and a handful of almonds to eat on the go. I had been snacking on them throughout the work day as I walked around doing my duties. 

When I got back to my desk and sat down, I took a few out and set them on the paper in front of me. Just as I was going to pop one into my mouth I noticed something moving on the almonds in front of me. 

Larry had made his way to work with me.

I was so freaked out by his appearance that I actually threw the almond in my hand across the room, giving quite a start to Matt as he worked at the desk opposite me. 

I tentatively peered into my ziplock and was met with the horrific truth: Larry was present, and in abundance. 

I felt sick. 

When Allison told me about her bagels I was sure that if I had been the one realizing I was eating ants, I would have thrown up.

I didn't, but I felt like it.

That is until my fellow workers told me that in some cultures chocolate covered ants are a speciality.

So I guess you could just say I was having a cultural experience, though I must admit that it is not one I wish to have again.  

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  1. I'm about to throw up just reading about it! Gross!!!