It's that time again

I thrive off of change.

Unless the change is coming home from Jerusalem, and then I die a little. But in most cases,  I thrive. 

Changing things is how I lead myself to believe that I have more control over a situation than I really do. If I rearrange the furniture, I will no longer be stressed about money. If I color my hair, I will be able to access my thoughts and therefore make better decisions.

That makes sense, right?

I am positive that, were I a member of a different faith, I would have a plethora of piercings and probably a few tattoos. They would probably make it easier to deal with a friend moving or a stressful semester.

Usually I am able to make a mild guess at what is causing my need for change, and this time it is no different.

As I have mentioned, this semester hates me. I honestly don't know if I have ever had a worse academic semester in my life, and that includes the fourth grade which was hard for me because I had to work around a teacher who openly hated me.

There are some other daily stresses that have been getting to me, and all-in-all I should have known what was coming.

In fact, if you know me at all you should probably have figured out what was coming.

First I moved the furniture around, then I tried baking, and eventually I was led back to my tried and true: my hair. I change it all the time.

As you may know, I made a goal about three years ago to grow it out.

Yeah, right.

I even got extensions so I could see how I would look and it would motivate me.

Yeah, right.

It had grown so long. It had reached a point that it hadn't reached since the 6th grade. It was a miracle.

So, naturally, it had to go. I called up my dear friend Brenna and told her to pencil me in at her salon. I was coming in for a chop.

See how long my hair was? Trust me, this is long.

Yes, this is actually the only length picture I could find
Well, we went ahead and chopped it.

And I love it. Love, love, love it.

In fact, if you live in the general Provo area and you are wanting to do anything with your hair, you should go ahead and give Brenna's salon a call. She is oh so talented and will make you so happy with the stuff growing from your scalp. I promise.


Go ahead, give em a call.

And then let me know how much you love it. Because I know you will.

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