I was so skeptical.

Ever since the Twilight disaster, I have been weary of young adult literature.

I have come to blame the Twilight craze on the not-fully-developed brains of adolescents. They didn't know any better, how were they expected to realize that the relationship between Bella and Edward is equal to that of heroine and its addict? They even say basically those exact words in the book. What??

Now, let's pretend just for a minute that the books were not actually the worst thing to have happened to mankind. No one can deny the crap-fest-ness of the movies. I'm pretty sure that this topic has been beaten to death over the course of the past three years, so I will go no further than to say that I hate Twilight.

So when Hunger Games came into play, I was not intending to give it a chance. It's rise to popularity followed that of Twilight's a little too closely, and I wanted nothing to do with it. 

I don't remember who eventually convinced me to crack open the spine and give it a go, but, oh my, bless their soul. 

I was Bella and this book was my Edward; I couldn't put it down. 

There were days when I actually stayed late on campus in order to get some more reading time. 

Who does that? An addict, that's who.

Um...when did my blog become one big drug reference?

These books brought me almost complete joy and solace, but I must admit that my euphoria was tainted by a dark, overhanging shadow. 

I knew that one day they would attempt to turn these literary masterpieces into films.

How could they do them justice, I wondered, when much of the plot takes place in the characters' minds? Surely it would turn into another Twilight disaster, and my love of the books would forever be tainted by the horrible on-screen rendition. 

Sure enough, rumors started flying. Katniss had been cast, Peeta had been cast, they were in production. 

I tried to put it from my mind and live in a state of denial, but today, for the first time, the trailer was thrust upon me.

And by that I mean I willingly pressed play when I saw it on this blog, so, yeah.

I had every intention of making a mockery of this cinematic attempt, but what I found was so completely mind blowing. I actually got chills.

It is hard to say completely judging by a 2 minute and 36 second trailer, but I think they may have struck gold.

What are your thoughts on the games?


  1. I haven't even heard of them! Wow! I only live in my world that's called Mom that it's a little scarry. I guess maybe I'll go get a new book.

  2. I am SO glad you posted that! I've been so scared of the movie too but that looked GOOD. Who woulda thought? Confession- I kept pausing it like every 30 seconds because I didn't want it to be over..

  3. This might be totally weird that I read your blog, but I think you're funny. I just wanted to say.. I'm completely with you on the hunger games and twilight to a certain degree. The second and third Hunger Games books were a major let down for me. After saying that, however, I LOVED the first book. So excited for the movie!!

  4. Okay, I felt the EXACT SAME WAY when the Hunger Games started climbing up the charts! I still haven't read them yet, but after seeing that preview I'm like "Whoa...that actually looks freaking good." They'll be the first books on my list when I return back to the states!

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  6. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! can't wait! my years of dressing up for midnight showings are NOT over!

    (I mean no disrespect. RIP Harry.)