Geico to the rescue

I hit a car today.

With my car. Not like, a backhanded slap kinda thing. Though that would have been nice. 

I scraped the ice off my back window so I would see the stuff behind me, and then just forgot to look or something.

If you are familiar with the metal-on-metal sound that occurs when one car meets another, you know the sadness/pure annoyance that flooded my body. 

Here is what we are grateful for: 
-I am the youngest. I am one hundred percent positive that when my oldest sister called home to let my mother know that she had hit another car, my mother was not as composed as she was when I did just that. And by composed I mean she was like, beyond cool. I might have been telling her my dinner menu.
-I have parents to help
-I wasn't accelerating like crazy or anything
-The couple whose car I hit are students, so they're getting student rates on their rental car

I'm pretty sure that for the next month or so I am going to be the most cautious driver ever. I'll be like a freshly graduated drivers ed student on steroids. 

Society will love me. Except in reality the people behind me will probably just be really annoyed that I'm taking so long with my left hand turns. Whatever.

Happy driving, everyone.


  1. That sucks!

    Are you ok? Hope so!

    I was in a car crash about 6 months ago and I still remember that sound ad though I'd only just heard it a moment ago. Not nice.

    Hope there wasn't too much damage and that all involved are ok.

    Missb x

  2. Ugh! Doesn't stuff like that just put a pit in your stomach for the rest of day? And yes, I love that about Mom. She's very very good at that kind of stuff.