Buy Some Boots

You guys, I don't know if you've noticed (ok, I know you haven't noticed), but I have been trying so hard to blog consistently.

I go through phases, you see. One day I'll have five or six blog worthy thoughts, and then I'll go weeks without even one. So
instead of posting a fountain of thoughts and then having period of draught, I've started scheduling my posts so it will be consistent. 

I have been so proud of myself! One post every other day for quite some time now. 

So when I was posting my Halloween blog, I scheduled it for today, but something went wrong. It posted yesterday. 

It was only a matter of minutes before my roommate reacted. 

I was in the living room, she was in the kitchen. 

Bronwyn: "Wait a minute!!"
*slide chair, loud foot steps, head pops around the corner*

Sadie: "What??"
Bronwyn: "You blogged Yesterday!"

I am glad that someone noticed, even though I'm pretty sure she doesn't count cause I've talked to her about it a number of times...crap. 

P.S. Gentlemen, just so you know, Jennie is BYU's hottest commodity this semester, so snatch her up while you can!

She has like, three dates set up for this weekend. 

While we were discussing this craziness, I got a phone call from a man asking if I would be interested in doing something this weekend. 

What is happening? 

We sat in silent contemplation for a second when Jennie said the following:

"Maybe it's cause we finally bought boots!"

Yes. That is definitely it.

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