This is pretty much what today has looked like.

Except for that I only showered recently. So picture these pictures but without me having showered.

School has pretty much hated me this semester. Like, I'm going to go ahead and say that I have never not enjoyed school this much in my entire life.

I don't find joy in any of my classes, except for POGP which I only have once a week.

And I enjoy D&C, but the test was ri.dic.u.lous. RIDICULOUS! I know that information. I know it like I've never known anything before. (exaggeration, but go with it). I went in there expecting a 98. Not even a 97, but a flat out, straight up 98.

...We will not discuss what I got. But I will tell you that I actually laughed upon seeing my score because of course that would happen to me this semester.

Because this semester hates me.

At least I didn't cry.

But I have been trying to find the good in every situation, which was a totally inspired goal to set at the start of the semester cause there have been a lot of crap situations.

So even though I currently feel like the bad-news-gods have been throwing up on me, here is some of the good that I have found:

-At least I know what I don't want to do with my life. This semester is full of some GEs that I have been putting off, and now I know why: because I hate them.

-I enjoy my job.

-I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about decision making. While I am still very bad at it, I have learned how the spirit speaks to me and the benefits of following it.

-My roommates and family are amazing. They always know the exact right thing to say. Like today, I was hanging up some clothes and was just feeling crappy. Just as I was deciding that there was nothing to do but cry for a very long time, my phone started to ring. It was my sister calling with a simple question. But I needed to talk to her and I'm so glad she called when she did.

Right. I am now going to go finish a completely pointless busy-work assignment and then fall asleep.

And don't worry, my life isn't bad. But as a female I have all rights to complain irrationally. 

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  1. "...don't worry, my life isn't bad. But as a female I have all rights to complain irrationally."

    Thank you for this statement. It makes me feel validated. love you! And I love that you're growing. Sorry it hurts...