There goes Apple

First lemme just say that there are few things better than whipping out a 7 page paper in a matter of hours.

Next lemme say that the definition of depression is when you sit down to take a test and realize you studied all of the completely wrong things.

Moving on...

Remember me mentioning that my computer hates me? Well, I took the high road and took it in instead of chucking it over the balcony. The good new is that I wasn't completely insane, my computer really did hate me. The bad news is the same. So the Mac people took my computer into their lair and I have yet to see or hear from it.

I was taking this whole thing kinda personally, as my computer and I usually have an awesome relationship. However, I've heard by word of mouth that my Apple product isn't the only one having issues as of late. So, naturally, I'm blaming it on the passing of Steve Jobs. He would set all apple products to crash at the same time he did.


  1. When Steve Jobs died, all the spells he cast stopped working.

  2. On oct 18 my iphone straight up DIED and the light on my computer screen broke, leaving me with nothing but blackness. I too am blaming Steve.