Pin It

Have you heard of Pinterest yet?

It is a virtual bulletin board, the 21 century's way of magazine clipping. 

When you come across something of interest while browsing the internet, instead of bookmarking the link you need only to hit the "Pin It" button that appears on your bookmarks bar after joining the site. It then saves the image to your account along with a link to the original source. 

So I have decided to start doing a once-a-week blogging of some of the things I've pinned over the week. This time I'm doing one image from each of my boards, but next week i'll try to switch it up :)

Food: In honor of Halloween

Home: What a lovely chest of drawers

Wedding: Beautiful colors. Beautiful flowers. 

Things of Beauty: Petra. 

Hair: Yes. I will do this.

Words: If only.

Clothing: I think I need these boots. 

Future Family: This. Is. Adorable.

Halloween: Pumpkins that wont go bad so quickly.

Post Secret: Words of wisdom.

I guess I'll have to do this: Candle.

HP: Snape.

If you would like an invite to Pinterest, just let me know!