photo evidence

Over the course of, well, my life, I have been taking snap shots of things online and in real life that just kinda make me stop and say, "whaaaat??" and today I am finally blogging them.

I was looking for a jobs online and these were the qualification. Ability to upload pictures and answer phone? That's really pushing it...

Ten times longer. Cool. Cause I have nothing else to do with my life.

I ordered something online and felt like it had taken longer than it should to get here, so I tracked the shipping. That makes sense, right? You can send me a postcard, but not a package?

But really, need I say more?
So the point of this is to...?

Watch out for that...tile

Close call. 

If I needed a reason to love my college, I just found it.

Think of teaching your 5 year old to spell their name

Why buy a toaster oven? Just flip your classic one on its side!

Oh good. I've been wondering what those lines stood for. 

In case you were wondering what I wanted for Christmas, look no further. 

A new fragrance for those looking to get in touch with their nature side

Ok, so I understand the couch in the elevator, but..... elevator crib?


  1. The elevator crib totally made my day! Thanks!

  2. I just pictured you and I wearing those blue bubble things to Jump On It....

    most awesome idea EVER, RIGHT?!?! hahaha