No Hope

When I was studying for the ACT I was introduced to the idea of triage.

Normally this is a term you would her in an emergency room. If the Dr. does not have time to get to everyone, he takes a look at the people he has to treat and orders them by triage. Those who still have hope will get his attention, but those who have no hope will not.

Morbid? Maybe. But it's what happens.

This concept was brought up in my ACT book in terms of questions. If you come across one that you know you simply won't be able to figure out, then make a random guess and move onto something worth your time.

This semester I have started thinking of my classes in terms of triage. There are some that are definitely passable, some that I will actually be capable of acing. Others, however, do no fall under either of those categories.

We're talking about physical science here.

I try so hard, but I just don't get it. These concepts are like a foreign language to me. I read, I study, I go to the labs, but to no avail. My right-sided brain is just not wired for this kind of thing.

So why am I even taking the time? Why don't I just stick to the triage model and put my effort into something that would make a difference?


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