It was a battle to the death

Almost literally, in the case of the glue stick.

We're doing a group project for my Women's Studies class and I was put in charge of the handouts. They were going to be amazing, but then my computer died and I didn't have access to the programs I wanted, so I ended up printing out the words and attaching them to colored paper. Hello, first grade. 

Originally I bought double-sided tape, but the whole thing was taking way too long and I really wasn't that dedicated to the project, so I made a quick Macey's run and grabbed me a glue stick.

I came home all excited by the prospect of the project going faster now that I had the appropriate tools, but I was met with an obstacle: the glue stick was IMPOSSIBLE TO OPEN!

I probably pulled a muscle and broke a tooth in the attempt.

Eventually my roommate told me of her pliers, so I grabbed them to assist in my mission.

But I'm not even kidding, the thing would not budge.

We even made up our own version of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan.*

We eventually managed to get the thing open, but not without doing some serious damage to the glue stick. And probably the pliers.

Next time I'm sticking to Elmers.


Sweet Success

*(sung to the tune of the Mulan song)
Let's get down to business, and defeat the glue.
Did you send me worthless, when I paid for new?
We're the saddest bunch I've ever seen,
Can't even get this lid off clean,
Somehow I'll get the glue out of you!

EDIT: Ok. I know what this looks like. It look like you could just turn it upside down and roll the glue on out of there. But you could not, because they had put a little plastic stopper in the lid. It's like the plastic cover under the mustard bottle, you have to pull it off before you can enjoy your food. Or your glue. Whatever.

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  1. That doesn't look like a glue stick. Looks like liquid. From the picture it looks like the orange thing on the top is a roller and you could just roll it on the paper where you want the glue. But I can't really tell. Haha.