As of late my computer hates me. It keeps doing the most frustrating of things and there really is nothing for it but to throw it at a wall. A firm, sturdy, brick wall.

Or I could bring it in a have it checked out. But the first option would bring so much more joy and conviction. Is conviction the word I'm looking for? I have no idea. I'd look it up, but, as we are discussing, my computer hates me and I am confident that it would not work.

Until I decide what action I am going to take, I have been required to find ways around the oddities taking place. One such adjustment is that there is only one printer with which my computer will cooperate: my roommate Natalie's. 

So today I found myself sitting once again at Natalie's desk, glancing around the room as my paper printed. When I stood to collect my belonging, I couldn't help but notice a glass trophy-type object placed on her desk. I glanced at it for a moment, and then did a swift double-take as the words registered.

I held up a napkin so you could tell what it said
Um....WHAT???? How I have been living with this brilliance for a month and not have known it?!? 

Words cannot describe my reaction. I called desperately for Jennie to come see. I sent texts to friends and family, willing them to be as baffled as I. I stood in pure shock as this concept registered. 

My roommate got a perfect score on the ACT. There was not one question on that test that she did not get right. She aced it. She put my score to complete and utter shame. 

Do you see that face? That is the face of pure brilliance. 

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