I Am An Awkward Face Starer At-er

Approximately one year ago I blogged about why the library makes me want to wear sunglasses indoors.

I am feeling that way today, expect for that I am not in the library. I am sitting in the WILK (the student center). Here in the WILK there are not any tables set up in rows, but rather comfortable chairs and couches on which students lounge, study, eat, or, more commonly, sleep.  

Because of the way the couches are set up, you rarely find someone in your direct line of vision. 

When I first came to this realization it seemed like a good thing, however, I have come to see the truth: it does nothing but lead to more awkwardness.

It turns out the reason I was staring at people awkwardly in the library was not because of their location, but rather my compulsive need to stare at people. 

I honestly had no idea this compulsion existed until a few moments ago, but it really is the only way to explain what is happening. 

This poor girl, wearing a purple shirt and a red bow in her hair, is just trying to enjoy her $5 foot-long in peace. But how is she to do so when my wandering eyes keep finding their way back to her face?

We have now managed to make eye-contact a total of about 7 times, all of which have been a result of her looking my way when I am already staring. 

The worst part is that I'm not even completely zoning out, she is just sitting in the exact place my eyes want to look. 

I'm not intentionally being creepy!

I have now attempted to make a conscious effort to not look at her, but I have to keep glancing to make sure she isn't checking to see if I'm staring. I can't have her thinking I'm creepy, you see. 

... but, well, I am a little.

What is my problem? Why can't my eyes find their resting place somewhere that isn't a stranger's face?

I apologize in advance for the time when you find me awkwardly staring at you, sometimes we home schooled children just don't know how to behave. 

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  1. hahahahahahahahahaha 7 times!!! you deserve a plaque. I'm ordering it right now.