Read a Book

I. Loved. This. Book. 

 The story takes place at the turn of the century and it follows the life of Francie Nolan. The story is sweet and charming. 

In the foreword, Anna Quindlen says that the book is simply about "being human." I believe she is correct. It beautifully portrays the story of a small American family learning how to get along through the rough times in life. 

As I read through this book I found myself dog-earring many a page to remind myself to come back and reminisce later. It is the classic kind of novel that leaves you feeling as though you've lost a good friend as you turn the last page. 

I just loved it so much.

Honestly? I actually had to force myself to finish this book simply so I could blog about it. In other words, I really didn't care for it. I really disliked it. I would not recommend it. 

 I feel like we've heard the story before in The Giver, Hunger Games, and the Uglies series. It takes place in a future world where there are "officials" over everything making sure that no one has agency. 

It's the same as all the rest, the main character has a chance to change things and she runs with it. It just felt like I hit "repeat". Even the name of the main character: Cassia. Have we not heard that before? Katniss? Katsa? Is there a Latin root here that I'm not aware of?

I just didn't feel attached to the emotion of the book. I didn't feel her passions, her dilemmas, her guilt. Honestly? I got a bit of a Twilight vibe from it. I just didn't feel like there was development. 

My Favorite part? The author's use of the triple-enforcement. Examples: "...makes me know that I am alive, alive, alive." (later same page) "Not enough time, not enough time, never enough time." "I think of him, I think of him, I think of him." Really? Wanna say that one more time? 

This book was recommended to me by a myriad of people, so there must be something about it that is catching people's attention. In fact, I'm the only person I've talked to who didn't enjoy it, so maybe get your name on the list at your local library and give it a shot? Maybe I'm the exception. 



  1. I didn't like it either. Number one... the giver and twilight combined... with an child that ends up being neither cute nor compelling, nor with a very high iq. and I LOVE a tree grows in brooklyn. You should read "Cold Sassy Tree"... because you would love it if you loved brooklyn.

  2. Hey, most people recommended Twilight, too.