I want to cry at the goodness of people

It's been a pretty good day.

Work went smoothly, I made Indian candy, I bought and painted with Crayola water colors, I saw this photoshoot. I mean, does it get any better?

Amazingly, it does.

I got out of my shower and was met by none other than dear Julie, who was in my ward last fall and spent this past semester in Germany. She's camping out on our couch until she can move into her apartment.

And what do you suppose Julie had in her hand??

(this is Jennie, not Julie)
That's right. She brought them all the way from Germany to fulfill my craving, which you may remember reading about a while ago.

Today was bliss.

Oh. And to top it off? some new guys from the ward just came by with oatmeal cream pies.

Make my day better, I dare you.

And, if you didn't already, look at the photoshoot I linked earlier. Here it is again for your convenience.


Oh wait, it just got better.

Remember those water colors I was talking about? Yeah. Here is a quote:
"Is that an outhouse?"
"Um, it's Petra."

To be fair, this is what she was seeing. And she was even seeing it upside-down like this:


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